Accelerating financial well-being

Inclusion Plus is a global competition to identify and support entrepreneurs, non-profits and existing companies that help advance financial inclusion for an estimated 2 billion people across the world.


Inclusion Plus is a series of country-based competitions focusing on addressing the financial inclusion needs of low to moderate income households in that country.


We’re seeking to build a strong, stable ecosystem of entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and existing companies working to accelerate access to financial services for those who need it most.


Financial exclusion is a complex problem that cannot be solved by any single solution. We need to come at the issue in innovative ways and this is one of the best ways to identify them.

60 %

do not have access to a debit card

30 %

do not engage with formal financial institutions

While the extent of financial inclusion can vary greatly from country to country, people are financially included when they have all the tools they need to manage their financial lives.
Evelyn Stark – AVP of MetLife Foundation
Current Competition

Egypt & Lebanon

Over half of the Lebanese population and nearly 90% of Egyptians do not have access to quality financial services. We are committed to increasing financial inclusion around the world because we believe everyone deserves the ability to pursue more in life.

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More than 42 million Mexicans do not have access to a bank account at a formal financial institution. Can your solution change that? Inclusion Plus is seeking to increase the financial well-being of millions of Mexicans through thoughtful, innovative solutions.

Past Competition


In 2014, over half of Indian adults had an account at a formal financial institution, but nearly 45% of the accounts are dormant. Less than 15% of account holders had savings with or borrowed money from a financial institution.

Past Competition


Although China has made significant strides toward financial inclusion in recent years, the country still accounts for 12% of the world’s unbanked population – mainly among its rural, poor populations.

Past Competition


Nearly 45% of Irish people lack access to affordable and convenient financial services. Submit an innovative financial solution and compete for mentorship, media exposure and funding totaling €50,000.