Uniting at the

Global Summit

MetLife Foundation is proud to present all of our competition winners. Together, all of the teams collaborated to develop new ways of tackling the global financial inclusion problem.

Learn About Financial Inclusion
October 2018

United States

57% of Americans struggle financially. We are committed to finding innovative ways to help more Americans become financially healthy. We are officially accepting application for Inclusion Plus in the United States.

August 2018


Only half of Koreans save at a formal institution and Korea has one of the highest debt level in Asia. Inclusion Plus is looking for ways to empower the people of Korea to protect their money and better plan for the future.

August 2018


64% of Australian adults are facing some degree of financial stress or vulnerability. Inclusion Plus is providing affordable and appropriate products, services, and support that enable people to take control of their financial lives.

July 2018


Only 26% of Spaniards have saved for old age in the past year. Inclusion Plus is sourcing products and services that empower Spaniards to have a comfortable retirement. Check out how we are improving financial well-being in Spain.

July 2018


In Portugal, less than 25% or people use the internet to pay bills or make purchases. Inclusion Plus wants to create greater access to quality financial services — unlocking a full suite of financial products and services.

May 2018


Over 75 million of Bangladeshis do not have access to quality financial services. We are committed to increasing financial inclusion around the world because we believe everyone deserves the ability to pursue more in life.

December 2017


86% Egyptian adults did not have a bank account in 2017. Financial inclusion enabled access for the 48.5 million Egyptians without financial tools and services — starting with an account.

July 2018


In 2017, more than half of Lebanese adults did not have a bank account. Financial inclusion enabled access for the 1.9 million people without financial tools and services — starting with an account.

October 2017


In 2017, Inclusion Plus sourced solutions for the more than 42 million Mexicans that did not have access to a bank account at a formal financial institution. See how Inclusion Plus is helping.

April 2017


In 2014, over half of Indian adults had an account at a formal financial institution, but nearly 45% of the accounts were dormant. See how we are improving financial well-being.

January 2017


In 2017, China accounted for 12% of the world’s unbanked population — primarily among its rural, poor populations. Learn about the Inclusion Plus solutions that are helping.

September 2016


Nearly 45% of Irish people lacked access to affordable and convenient financial services in 2016. Check out how Inclusion Plus is making a difference.