Egypt & Lebanon

Over half of the Lebanese population and nearly 90% of Egyptians do not have access to quality financial services. We are committed to increasing financial inclusion around the world because we believe everyone deserves the ability to pursue more in life.

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Currently, China accounts for 12% of the world’s unbanked population - mainly among its rural, poor populations. See the Inclusion Plus solutions that are helping.

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Nearly 45% of Irish people lack access to affordable and convenient financial services. Check out how Inclusion Plus is making a difference.

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In 2014, over half of Indian adults had an account at a formal financial institution, but nearly 45% of the accounts are dormant. Inclusion Plus awarded $100,000 USD to improve financial literacy in India.

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Inclusion Plus is sourcing solutions for the more than 42 million Mexicans that do not have access to a bank account at a formal financial institution.

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